Thursday, November 20, 2008

State By State FSC Status

We need to attack and pull down these laws, State by State. Here is a breakdown of States and the status of any legislation:


States: North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nevada, New Mexico and Arkansas

Although there is no law requiring FSC cigarettes, residents of these states should not be complacent as the NFPA and the Coalition for Fire Safe Cigarettes have a diabolical goal, 100% FSC compliant nationwide. This means they will be attempting to introduce legislation. Write your state representatives and governor and make them aware of the medical conditions that result from FSC cigarettes.


States: Ohio, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Michigan, and Nebraska.

If you are residents of one of these states, you should immediately call, email or write your state representatives, senators and governor. Let them know that FSC cigarettes are unsafe, show them the petition, this blog and the countless testimonials spread across the Internet. When the bill is put to a vote, the representatives will vote their conscience, they will and must vote no to avoid committing murder to millions of people. Residents here are in Battleground states, where an immediate impact can be felt. Once the laws are defeated, other states that have passed legislation will re-examine there terrible mistake and repeal the FSC laws.


States: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Washington, Hawaii

The FSC law has already passed in these states. Although it will be more difficult to fight, the answer is to have the law repealed. Speak with your congressmen, governor, media (newspapers and TV). Get a referendum placed on the Ballot (although the election of 2008 has ended, place on the 2009 ballot.) If all else fails, bring before the supreme court of your state to have the law overturned. Time is of the essense. Many states do not activate the law until January 1, 2010, but even a year is not much time. Organize and be active now.


States: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachuesetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Kentucky, Illinois, Montana, Utah, California, Oregon, and Alaska.

More difficult to overturn than legislation that is passed, but pending to go into effect as the State is already totally FSC. Your only recourse (for now) is to obtain regular cigarettes from other states that are not a RED state. You may choose to roll your own, however, this is no solution as people seeking to erradicate all liberty will eventually pass a law banning regular smoking supplies. Like states that have passed laws, residents should contact their congressmen, governor, media and show them the evidence as presented in the Petition of the CAFSC, the Testimonials and this blog. Introduce a Referendum on the Voting Ballot next year. If the lawmakers will not listen to reason, bring it before your state supreme court.

The prospects are good to overturn these FSC laws. Right now, they are in effect in only 16 states, which is 32% of the country. But we must act quickly, for as of December 31, 2009, another 21 states will join the FSC bandwagon. This means that 74% of the country will be under the yoke of FSC law. The next year will be critical in the fight against FSC, so please get involved now.

Can anything be done nationally? Citizens should be mindful of any Nationwide law, so please make your US Senator and Congressmen aware. Also write President-elect Obama. Finally, contact Federal Agencies, such as the FDA, and US Enviromental Protection Agency. And don't forget to express your displeasure to the NFPA.


Jay said...

Aside from rolling your own cigs, another alternative to not smoking FSCs is by switching to a Native American brand. Native brands are not just non-FSCs. They're also all natural cigs with nothing but tobacco in them. There's no extra amounts of nic in em...the only nic is within the tobacco itself. (tobacco companies add extra nic in their cigs)

More importantly, Nativr brands are chemical-free, and additive-free. I've been able to not just enjoy smoking again with Natives. But I've actually been smoking less since switching to Natives. I used to smoke 1.5 ppd or more on Newports. With Natives, I smoke 1ppd or less. I used to smoke less than 1ppd with the MYOs I tried in the past.

Native brands are a lot more cheaper than popular cig brands. A carton of Native brands are about 14-18 bucks/carton...the same price range for making your own carton of cigs (if you decide to roll your own).

Just because Native brands are very cheap doesn't mean they taste awful. Seneca FF Regulars taste almost like the old version of Marlboro Reds to me, without the chemicals and FSC crap in the cigs.

You can learn more about Senecas and other Native American cig brands at these two sites.

Here are 2 sites I recommend if you decide to roll your own cigs.

Anonymous said...

Coalition For Fire Safe Cigarettes,

What gives you the right to ruin the smoking pleasure of 150,000,000 + smokers for the sake of a few idiots who burn their houses down while smoking and passing out in an alcoholic stupor?

Another example of activism and legislation run amock. The punishment of many for the benefit of a miniscule few. If current studies indicate that changing the national speed limit from 55 mph to 30 mph would save 100 U.S. lives a year, should the states be forced to lower their top speed to 30 MPH? Of course not!

You are an example of the Nanny State at its worst. What is next? Lawnmowers with plastic blades? Culinary knives that won't cut skin? Hammers that won't smash thumbs?

Legislation by morons for morons.

These new "FSC" cigarettes are terrible. I liken them to a fireplace that extinguishes itself unless being constantly blown on. You and the spineless politicians who numbly enact this silly legislation could provide the hot air!

Nice job, assholes!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about most "Native" american cigs, but those Seneca's that Jay mentioned, are simply awful.
I DO smoke Marlboro's and I tried a
CARTON of Seneca's and that not only
taste HORRIBLE, they turn your tounge
brown. Not a pretty sight. Changing
brands is not the answer. Major complaints to the distributors at least in the states that have not passed legislation, is he key. They ARE selling fsc cigs in non legislative states, and not telling anyone that they are doing it. It pisses me off, spending more
than 50 bucks in my state for a carton, for something I was never
informed of has me simply steaming.
These fsc cigs, taste terrible, and seem MORE of a fire hazard than not, since you have to relight
them several times, not to mention
the "cherry" inadvertently falling off, quite often I might add as well.

Anonymous said...

to whom it concerns:

I have been a smoker for 20 years and i don't appreciate fsc cigarettes they are nasty and cause more health problems for the consumer we were never told about the change until it hit everyone that they were nasty cigarettes and then the cost went up i think it's abusing the consumer and things should be changed back to they way they were and stop it with the big brother antics

Anonymous said...

FSC Does Not Mean Fire Safty Cigs It Means Federal State Controlled Cigs. Phillip Morris admitted that the federal Govt Mandated that they had to put the new chemical on the our known products. Want to do something about it here is the reply i got from Phillip Morris So Call and complain every day!

Thank you for contacting Philip Morris USA. We are sorry that you were dissatisfied with your tobacco product.

Adult consumers like you, who care enough to let us know when they are dissatisfied with one of our products, help us maintain our high level of quality.

In order for us to proceed with our evaluation, please hold on to the remaining product and call the Philip Morris USA Consumer Response Center at 1-800-343-0975, select option 4. Our office hours are from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET, Monday through Sunday. Please refer to the identification number at the bottom of this letter when contacting the Consumer Response Center.

We regret any inconvenience this might have caused you.


Consumer Response Center

Philip Morris USA

Anonymous said...

Been a Marlboro light smoker for about 11 years, half a pack a day. Never had any health issues from smoking, never burned anything either. Bought some cigarettes in ky while I was there not knowing of the fsc thing yet. I could tell the difference with the first one and by the 4th pack I had a sore toung(so sore I couldn't eat ketchup) sore throat, shortness of breath and a heavy feeling of weight in my chest. So, I chucked those fsc cigs in the garbage where they belong and went back to the old ones still available in my state....symptoms recieded in two days. Now, my state has these Fascist Society Compliant cigarettes and within the first pack, all my symptoms plus nausea returned. So again, into the trash and bought old ones from another state, again health problems went away. I don't believe this has anything to do with fire safety because from what I've seen, they don't work as they are claimed to. You put them in an ash tray they keep burning, you hold them they go out. The ash and burning embers that fall all over the place are enough to invalidate the whole fire safety ruse alone. I think it's all to reduce the amount of smokers in the population by making some people so ill they are forced to quit.
Isn't it strange that this happened state by state, one over here, one over there...not all at the same time. They knew this would never go over with an "all at once" approach. I'm now hearing they won't sell cigarettes to people without a drivers license from the state they are buying them from. Why such a hard push to force people to smoke fsc and only fsc? What about all the people killed by alcohol related accidents who've never drank a drop? Where's there protection?
We need to get a class action suit going quick and set a national no cig buy day, maybe like on the day this law takes effect everywhere Jan 1 2010

I am disscusted that this kind of thing is starting to happen in this country. We are being choked by our own regulatory hands. Where's the people's voice anymore? I know this, my state won't get anymore cigarette tax from me, I'm not paying to be poisoned.

Anonymous said...

David - MO...

Please continue to appeal the FSC law. I've been smoking Marlboro in the box for a good 25 yrs. I feel horrible. I cough up crap all day, my lungs feel raw and hurt like hell.

Anonymous said...

My Native American brand, Sky Dancer, purchased from BlackHawk Tobacco Shop, has FSC on the box now. Eventually all states will have to comply...Continue to appeal this issue

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of every smoker not buying a pack on the same day. This would just rock the tobacco industry as well as the government. No cig tax for one day would put a hurting on the country and maybe just maybe they would stop discriminating.

All these busy bodies who have nothing better to do than to try to run our lives are going to get to something the nonsmokers consume soon enough.

If every smoker quit in one day the economy would fail.

My state, Virginia, is passing the no smoking in restaurants starting December 1st and what's more they have a toll free number to call to rat on anyone who "breaks the law".

Sounds like communism to me. I would know, my grand parents immigrated to china from Russia as it was turning commy.

The government taxes me for roads, healthcare and whatever else they need money for, you would think they would be nicer to us.

Cigs are the only product that print right on the label, Don't buy this product.(in so many words)

I have resisted quitting for my health because of all the busy body non-smokers who bitch about it.

Well now I'm quitting because I'm not going to pay the "purchase tax" (sales tax is a false statement since the consumer pays it not the retailer)

I have off and on felt sick and had chest pain, dizziness and other symptoms but never realized what was causing it till someone pointed it out. The only thing I remember was that the string that opens the pack was larger with writing on it. Now I know what has been making me so sick.

Although I am quitting I plan to keep fighting for smokers rights.

Anonymous said...

you all are pathetic. i hopeall smokers hate these cancer sticks. so some might open there eyes and quit. you wanna complain therea health hazard? they always have been? why now al the sudden are they? no you are jus cryin cuz they dont taste good? get the hell outta here you kill yourslef and waste your money doin it. do you a favor and quit. it killed my mom and prolly kill you.

Sweet-n-Simple said...

Your mom's lucky she didn't see how hateful you turned out to be.

Anonymous said...

and dumb as a box of rocks as well.

Anonymous said...

There is an answer to the fires in the homes due to cigarettes not extinguishing, and you can also help with the 2nd hand smoke issue.
First is personal responsibility and Second is check the website.

Anonymous said...

hey,i`ve found the answer and i need help spreading the word! Take your lighter and heat the cigarette paper before lighting up.seems to nuetralize the glue used to put them out. I`ve been enjoying my smokes again for a week now and i`m in heaven! Not only do they stay lit but they taste good again! you don`t need to burn the paper, just heat it up a little all around. Please help me spread the word, i want to spare everyone the poisoning our gov. is laying on us! Johnny Riddick

Anonymous said...

These FSC cigs SUCK!!!! They taste like shit and I will not be buying them anymore!

I have switched to loose Tobacco and RYO!!!

This is bull shit! I HATE THE FSC!!!

The Flavored tobacco ban needs to be lifted also!

zander, Marietta, Georgia

concerned said...

Everyone needs to start a petition in your State, I did, Please sign..

The people who passed this law have no idea what they have done to others. I hope they can sleep at night. please sign the petition, and maybe we can take these laws down one at a time, just like they made them, one at a time.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you all are pathetic. i hopeall smokers hate these cancer sticks. so some might open there eyes and quit. you wanna complain therea health hazard? they always have been? why now al the sudden are they? no you are jus cryin cuz they dont taste good? get the hell outta here you kill yourslef and waste your money doin it. do you a favor and quit. it killed my mom and prolly kill you.

December 2, 2009 6:46 PM
First of all, your comment would be a little more credible if you could spell a complete sentence. Why don't we contaminate your food where you wouldn't be so overweight. Why don't we put something in your liquor where you wouldn't drink and drive. You are probably some drunk who drinks and drives on a daily basis.You dumb ass, go back to school.

Anonymous said...

FSC=Forced Smoking Cessation Whatever is causing the negative side effects isn't just in the paper, it's on the tobacco itself. I get short of breath and a sore tongue and throat after just one fsc. My Dad and alot of my friends are having the same problems. I've even had people tell me their lips turned brown after smoking these awhile. I've tried a few things like putting them in the microwave and scorching the paper with a lighter, these tricks didn't work for me. I've also tried taping an extra filter to the existing one, that helped some. The only thing that stops the side effects is taking the tobacco out, wetting it with distilled/filtered water, letting it dry overnight and re-rolling it in a non-fsc tube. No more nasty chemical taste and no more side effects. Yes, this is too much like work to keep smoking...thats why i'm on chantix right now and almost free and clear of this gov. mandated atrocity. However, it does prove to me at least, there's something obsene in these that wasn't there in non-fsc cigs and it's not just "extra paper" as we're being fed.
I've read all the things people say are in these, EVA, acrolien, phenol...I can't say for sure but it seems some people are more sensitive to it than others. What gets me is the fact that it's a real problem and the people who enacted this law are not even giving it thought and that is just wrong. If fsc cigs did actually work like they are intended and did not cause these immediate health problems, I really wouldn't complain. But IMO, these current fsc cigs are about as "fire safe" as using old fashion glass oil lanters as bowling pins on your living room rug.

Anonymous said...

I am 48 years old. I smoked for 30 years with out any health related issues. Two weeks after the fire safe cigarettes were introduced I began having flu-like symptoms. After a few months my lungs would "burn" with every cigarette. I experienced numbness in my arms and hands, chest pains and generally felt old and sick. I have now quit smoking for the first time. with in 1 day, the chest pain was gone, I still get arm weakness with activity, but I am hoping that will soon be gone. I know of 5 others who have quit since FSC's were introduced in Ohio. FSC's are bad news.

chris m said...

just knew someting was wrong with my cigs but didn't know what,they taste terrible and they kept going out. have a sore throat and headaches,then found out why and i was outraged!! as if the cost of them isn't bad enough now this crap. they say it helps reduce fires?i have caugt more things on fire with these in the last week than i ever did in over twenty years of smoking.the cherry just falls off!! if you aren't constantly stoving it you will smell something burning like the couch because while you were watching tv the cherry fell off and burned you and the couch and possibly the carpet too.then you have to relight your smoke after ,which prompts everyone i know to keep lighters all over the place because they go out all the time.i now buy smokes from other sources not at any store near here and had to give up marlboro in the process.its just bad enough we are hooked with this bad habit which is as hard to quit phsically as heroin,our govt. is getting rich off of us,now they add carpet glue to the papers.guess if it kills us quicker they can start to heavily tax fruits and veggies,and gym memberships. that would make more sense to me.

Rebecca Brooks said...

FSC or fire safe cigarette laws were passed state by state using deception and misinformation. FSC cigarettes greatly increase health risks for smokers. Smoking-related fires have actually increased for smokers in New York, the first state to pass the law. For more information, click on this link:

Anonymous said...

Throat tightness, coughing for five- to ten-minute intervals during the night, nausea, and shakiness in my hands are the symptoms I have noticed since FSC cigarettes have become more prevalent in my state. Initially, I thought I was coming down with strep throat or maybe it was just spring allergies; but I think it is from the FSC. Before I was aware of FSC, I had even cut back on the number of cigarettes I smoked in a day (down from about half a pack to about 3-5). I don't have time to roll my own, so I guess I'm quitting. This is ridiculous. I enjoy smoking and never wanted to quit notwithstanding the adverse health effects.

Chris Hawkins said...

I live in Australia and first noticed this change about 3 to 4 months ago, I used to smoke Longbeach but changed to Marlboro when this happened, now they have done the same thing to Marlboro, this is bullshit, we pay so much for our smokes and they are selling us an INFERIOR product. These smokes are giving me a sore throat and a horrible cough, not to mention the ash that falls off onto your clothes and at times into your eyes. I will find another brand again. Phillip Morris you suck. Chris

coleen osmond michigan said...

What our government is doing to us by poisoning us with fsc chemicals is no different than what sadam hussien did when he poisoned his people... we went to war over him murdering the iraqis what about us? Smoking is bad enough on its own, add in more chemicals, now we are being poisoned! There has to be something we can do. We have a right to smoke non fsc cigs, I dont see the government pouring antifreeze in the booze alcoholics drink, oh but wait that would probably taste better than these fsc chemicals. I have been a marlboro red smoker for 30 years and am pissed off. I kept my mouth shut when I was told I couldnt smoke in public places, resturants and bars. I stayed quiet as the price of my cigs tripled in the past 15 years. Im a smoker for gods sake, I am a united states citizen too and am tired of my rights being stolen from me while the drunks are still out on the roads killing people and the diabetics are still eating candy? Why not put deacon in all of the candy to stop them from killing themselves? How bout all of the idiots that walk into schools and kill our kids? Maybe the government should jerry rig their guns to kill themselves when they aim at another human. Point being, this is the friggin hollocaust all over instead of gas they are using carpet glue.... I want my reds back, minus the new fsc chemicals. Contact CNN, NBC, ABC, lets take back control

generic cialis 20mg said...

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gasmoker said...

Well, at least I know where this killer cough I have had since May has come from. These new papers are horrible. Why don't they put something in liquor and beer, then, to make people sick, too? I imagine that's because the legislators love their whiskey, etc, too much to do that. While they are at it, then, why don't they add the carpet glue to cigars, too?

Anonymous said...

Ive ben hacking up shit before this new plastic speedbump law but daaaam every day i cough and biut puke.I just read what these fucking cigg companies need to tell the public before they go passing laws..go to wikpidiea Fire Safe well you all know but PLASTIC!!! People die from smoke inhaleation when house fires start. .They want people to quit then OUTLAW production and transportation of ciggs and sell nicotine patches..I wanna quit maybe its time EVERYONE brought a class actuon lawsuit to thier door...oops the mob owns us because we gave up our VOICE.

Anonymous said...

The mob comment was for laughs...but remain anonymous. .my research ive done states that theyre bout wiped out but you never know so keep up the fight but be smart about it..i to suffer from pride-a-sightes.

Anonymous said...

Ever think this site could be a decoy?????

Anonymous said...

SMOKER'S, ARE FSC CIGARETTES MAKING YOU SICK? Jeffrey Wigand's agenda, post "The Insider", is working closely with the FDA who have full control over tobacco. When I asked him personally (recently)about all the FSC cigarette illnesses, he denied knowing anything about it. That's funny, two years earlier in an e-mail I sent him that HE responded to, he thanked me for bringing the FSC cigarette illnesses to his attention and that he would personally notify Dr. L a w r e n c e D e y t o n (HEAD LIAR @ FDA TOBACCO DIVISION). Wigand is a LIAR and is in bed with the FDA who are deliberately lacing cigarettes with new FSC chemicals to induce unorthodox illnesses to coerce smokers into quitting. Smokers in other countries are NOT experiencing this. WIGAND, (the architect of FSC or low ignition propensity cigarettes) the FDA and LAWRENCE DEYTON are EVIL bastards and should be convicted of crimes against American citizens. The needle is too good for these filthy scumbags.

FDA 877 287 1373- Tobacco Division
Jeffrey Wigand
(989) 772-4063 Office Telephone
(843) 367-4200 Cell

Jeff Lynn said...

There has to be something we can do about this. If we all ban together we should be able to get these stupid laws overturned. I bet all of the States listed in this post are all FSC compliant now? I live in Michigan and we have been forced to smoke these horrible unsafe cigarettes for years now. We need to b an together and sign a petition and send it to our local congressmen. I think it's down right evil what they are doing to us because I know it is making millions of people very sick and killing them much faster.

John Victor said...

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Blogger said...

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alex amarxon said...

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