Saturday, October 17, 2009

CAFSC Petition has reached 10000 signature goal

The CAFSC Petition reached the 10,000 goal on September 27, 2009. The goal was reached in 10 months and 2 weeks, which means the approximate average signature rate was 1,000 a month. I would like to thank everyone who signed the petition and would encourage everyone who has not signed it, to keep it going!

Sadly, 49 of the 50 states have passed these laws, with Wyoming the lone sane exception. Also, Carolina Cartons has stated that all cigarette manufacturers will be producing fire safe cigarettes by the end of 2009.

It is incredible that the attempt to save 700-800 people from cigarette fires, will cause illness and death of millions of more people. The shear number of stories on the Petition site alone is amble evidence that the laws must be repealed. Besides writing your state congressman and senators, I encourage everyone to contact their US congressman and the President. I think it will very well come to the President of the United States to put a stop to this insanity.

We have met our goal and we will be writing my governor to present the results to him. We also will make these results known to President Obama and the Food and Drug Administration.

Everyone, please do whatever you can to help the cause. You may write and refer to the petition site at to your State Senators and representatives, your governor, your US congressmen and President Obama. Voices crying out, who refuse to be silenced will eventually be heard and great wrong and injustice will be swept away!