Monday, December 29, 2008

Media Coverage - Harrisburg Patriot News

I am happy to report that the Harrisburg Patriot News has published an article by Nancy Eshelman "Some Want fire-safe smokes snuffed" in the Sunday December 7 edition (Page B1). Ms Eshelman contacted and interviewed me and included a balanced position, which is perfectly natural as this was not an editorial. The assertion by the tobacco companies that no added chemicals are in the FSC cigarettes is not true. If indeed there is only added paper, then that paper is increasing the percentage of Carbon Dioxide and other chemicals. Also, the assertion by the Coalition for Fire Safe Cigarettes that the Harvard Report has "no substantial differences in toxicity" has been questioned. Evidently the Coalition does not understand pesticide poison and toxicity ratios. Toxic substances in smaller amounts are not lethal and less dangerous. Increase the toxicity enough, and then you get the health problems we are experiencing. Plus, the FSC cigarette is not fire safe! Increased hot ash, burning clothing, and more frequent use of lighters is not fire safe! So what we have is a more dangerous cigarette in terms of burning and health to smokers. Any intelligent person can clearly see this and we need to reverse this dangerous law!

Here is the online link to the article if you did not have an opportunity to read the print article.

Thank you very much for the coverage Ms. Eshelman!

Governor Rendell's Office Responds

Dear Friends,

I received in the mail today a totally unacceptable response from Governor Rendell's Office. Governor Rendell, please wait, you will be presented a petition from THOUSANDS of citizens that are suffering health related problems that are directly attributable to Fire Safe Cigarettes. In the letter I received, the Governor's Deputy Secretary of Health , Janice P Kopelman appears to believe my health issue is an isolated case. Just take a look at the thousands of testimonials Ms. Kopelman! Furthermore, the Governor's Office unsubstantiated defense of this law is deplorable. Do millions of people need to die before this mistake is corrected? Are politicians so self-centered as to commit murder to save face and never admit to being wrong? We have 700 signatures on the petition and growing. Please everyone, continue to support this cause. We will make them hear us, I can assure you!