Friday, January 16, 2009

Medical Doctor or Scientist Support Needed

Thanks to all who are signing the petition, now over 1300 in 2 months at this writing. Besides support by signing the petition we need crucial support from a Scientist with a PH.D. and/or a medical doctor who is willing to come forward and offer their support for this petition. Combined with the signature of thousands of citizens bring real life testimony as evidence, a scientific paper written in support of a repeal of the FSC laws will destroy the Coalition for Fire Safe Cigarettes and reveal their colossal error. I am asking for ONE scientist or doctor to come forward. Please contact me at Such a person would be considered a hero, I am sure and the people who enacted these laws as clueless at best, evil at worst.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Carolina Cartons - Valued Ally!

I received this message from Carolina Cartons. While we wait to have the FSC laws repealed, I recommend them as an option for all smokers that refuse to smoke FSC.


I added your link to our website.

We are one of the only places left online to purchase NON FSC cigarettes. Many of our customers have signed your petition, I recognize many of the names. We include your link in emails to our customers from time to time as well. I hope it helps. I created a logo for your link as well.

Feel free to use it for any link exchange you would like. I have attached it in this email.

Here is the link to your link on our site:

We would appreciate you letting folks know that we can still supply them with NON FSC cigarettes for most all brands.



Carolina Cartons


Print and Distribute this card

Are your cigarettes going out?
Are you coughing and feeling sick?

There is a reason for this. You are smoking Fire Safe Cigarettes (FSC) that are not safe at all, not safe for your health or your home!
Join the movement to repeal fire safe laws today!
Visit the blog at:
Visit the Petition Site at: