Friday, January 16, 2009

Medical Doctor or Scientist Support Needed

Thanks to all who are signing the petition, now over 1300 in 2 months at this writing. Besides support by signing the petition we need crucial support from a Scientist with a PH.D. and/or a medical doctor who is willing to come forward and offer their support for this petition. Combined with the signature of thousands of citizens bring real life testimony as evidence, a scientific paper written in support of a repeal of the FSC laws will destroy the Coalition for Fire Safe Cigarettes and reveal their colossal error. I am asking for ONE scientist or doctor to come forward. Please contact me at Such a person would be considered a hero, I am sure and the people who enacted these laws as clueless at best, evil at worst.


WebShadow said...

Non-smoker here, but I don't agree with the idea of changing someone's product with the intent to 'make it safer' if it'll already kill you.

That said, I'm also no MD or Scientist, merely a non-smoker who'd rather see smokers lighting up standard cigarettes than something potentially designed to make you want to quit because of either bad taste, illnesses, or whatever else might happen.

As much as I dislike cigarettes, it was mostly due to smoking in inappropriate places (such as the No-Smoking area of Pizza Hut) or blowing the smoke in my face. I think you should have the right to smoke a non-fire safe cigarette.

The perspective I took is as such: smokers need cigarettes/cigars. I need soda. Now if the government stepped in and created a 'spill-proof can' that used 'slightly' more toxic compounds in its construction so that there are less accidental spills, I wouldn't want it. Even worse if it made me sick when I drank my soda.

What's next, the government makes choke-proof candy for kids? Drop-proof burgers? Why don't they do some good with that money and get us out of the economy so that when a smoker sits near my table, I feel comfortable with drinking my soda while they smoke a cigarette that goes out only when smoked out.

Digitally signed,

P.S. Could someone please point me to this petition? I'll drop my Digital signature on it.

Earnur said...

Hello WebShadow,

The link to the petition is in the last message of "What you can do", however here is the link:

WebShadow said...

Thanks! I signed it. No one should be able to make cigarettes worse for you.

It's your decision what you want to breathe in.

Kendra said...

Hi, is there any way to get onto the "causes" page?

It would give some very much-needed publicity and probably the petition could be included there as well

Forces is doing very well under the Non-Profits section and I believe CAFSC is not yet one - but why not under "causes."

Kendra said...

Forgot to mark e-mail follow-up to me.

Anonymous said...

ATTENTION ALL CIGARETTES WITH THE FSC CODE ON THE UPC LABEL ARE HIGHLY HAZORDOUS .All made with the chemical Sodium Silicate which is a heat and fire retardant and is very hazordous to inhale causing headaches and lungs to burn read on.this is what handling codes for this type of chemical are ---->Explosion Hazard Fire/Explos. Hazard Material does not burn. Fire or heat will produce irritating, poisonous and/or corrosive gases. Containers may explode when heated. Some may ignite combustibles (wood, paper, clothing, etc.) Contact with metals may evolve flammable hydrogen gas. Fire Fighting Procedures Small fire: Use dry chemical, CO2 or water spray. Large fire: Use water spray, fog or foam - Do NOT use water jets. If safe to do so, move undamaged containers from the fire area. Cool containers with flooding quantities of water until well after the fire is out. Avoid getting water inside the containers. Fire Fighting Precautions Wear SCBA and chemical splash suit. Fully encapsulating, gas-tight suits should be worn for maximum protection. Structural firefighter's uniform is NOT effective for these materials. Hazchem Code 2X OTHER INFORMATION Environ. Protection TLm 96: 100-10 ppm Risk Statement R20/21/22 Harmful by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed. R34 Causes burns. file:///L|/Msds Pdf Files/1CH7U.htm (4 of 6) [22/09/2003 2:14:53 PM]

Pissed Smoker said...

The gov wants to kill smokers with "Sodium Silicate". Why? To make more money off sueing the tobacco industry for the gov requiring a non-consumable product be put into our cigarettes. It is placed in there at the rate of 50% in tobacco and 40% to 100% (per wieght) in the paper. I don't know why the gov has to sue the tobacco industry it's not like Uncle Sam smoked, got cancer and died, it's only millions of Americans who made the choice. We did not choose to smoke a material classified as a "corrosive irritant" that should not come in to contact with water and should never be dispersed in confined areas (especially as a inhalent). So when we all do have our lungs disolved and loose our sight and possibly our lives, we can thank our government and sue them for attempted genocide. Fire safe cigarettes are not necassary we all know better than to lay down with a cig or try it when we are tired, and when people don't use common sense then it is their own damn fault, but there is no sense in making us sick and in pain with the crap they "require".

Anonymous said...

I'm not an MD, but I am an Engineer with a biology degree. I have been a smoker for over 15 years and never really had any side effects from smoking until these FSC cigarettes. I immediately saw symptoms (headaches, nausea, fatique, sore throat and a terrible cough). I feel as if I am being poisoned!

I do want to make a correction to the posts above...the chemical they are adding is not sodium silicate it is EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate).

EVA is essentially carpet glue. It is a known carcinogen and associated health concerns. If you look up the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for EVA it clearly states that it is a carcinogen and when ignited will emit toxic fumes and vapors.
I am really appalled that this regulation has passed without any previous testing. As far as a law suit, I don't think it is feasible. I do however suggest to all of you to file a complaint with the FDA. While cigarettes are not currently regulated by the FDA, this government entity is designed to protect consumer from harm.
Fo me in the meantime, they win! I'M QUITING SMOKING! I will not allow my government to poison me intentionally.

Carmen B.

Anonymous said...

Cigarettes ARE regulated by the FDA and everyone should contact them to try and take this poison out of cigarettes. see attached:
Philip Morris USA (PM USA) has supported legislation that would provide for
tough but reasonable federal regulation of tobacco products by the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) for more than eight years.

Federal Regulation
of Tobacco
Federal Regulation
of Tobacco
For more information, visit 32
As of June 22, 2009
PM USA believes this comprehensive national
regulatory framework, implemented thoughtfully,
can provide significant benefits to adult
consumers by, among other things:
• Establishing a common set of high standards
for all tobacco manufacturers and importers
doing business in the U.S.;
• Providing a framework for the evaluation of
tobacco products that are potentially less
harmful than conventional cigarettes;
• Creating clear principles for accurate and
scientifically grounded communication about
tobacco products to adult consumers.
Specifically, PM USA supported H.R. 1256, the
Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control
Act, which was passed by Congress and signed
into law by President Obama on June 22, 2009.
The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco
Control Act is the result of years of work and
discussion among many stakeholders. It
establishes a regulatory structure and standards
for the manufacturing and marketing of all tobacco
products that should provide important benefits
for consumers. Key legislative provisions include:
• A national minimum age of 18 to purchase
tobacco products and required age verification
for anyone younger than 27 years old;
• A ban on the sale of cigarette flavor varieties
other than tobacco and menthol;
• A ban on product descriptors such as “light,”
“ultra-light,” and “low tar” (unless expressly
authorized by the FDA);
• Mandatory full disclosure to the FDA of
ingredients added to tobacco products;
• Changes to the language of the current
cigarette and smokeless tobacco product
health warnings, including enlarging their size;
• Mandatory graphic warnings for cigarette
packages to be developed by the FDA;
• Authority for the FDA to require new warnings
in the future;
• Authority for the FDA to mandate changes
in the design of tobacco products to protect
the public health, including the authority
to regulate nicotine yields and to reduce or
eliminate harmful smoke constituents or
harmful components of tobacco products;
Philip Morris USA (PM USA) has supported legislation that would provide for
tough but reasonable federal regulation of tobacco products by the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) for more than eight years.
Federal Regulation
of Tobacco
Where We Stand...
For more information, visit 33
As of June 22, 2009
• Authority for the FDA to require ingredient
testing and to remove harmful ingredients if
supported by sound scientific evidence;
• Authority for the FDA to do more to prevent
minors from using tobacco products;
• Authority for the FDA to establish standards
for products that could potentially reduce
the harm caused by tobacco products and to
define the appropriate ways to communicate
about these products;
• Authority for FDA to establish
manufacturing practices for the tobacco
manufacturing process; and
• Recognition that any advertising and
promotion restrictions, including those in the
bill and those required or authorized to be
promulgated under the bill, must pass muster
under the First Amendment.
The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control
Act as enacted is not perfect and contains provisions
with which we have First Amendment concerns.
On balance, however, we believe it represents an
important opportunity to establish a comprehensive
and coherent national tobacco policy.
Federal Regulation
of Tobacco
Where We Stand...

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for posting.
I have signed the petition and
on the lee side, suggest you
send the link to everyone.

The EVA has "just" come to my state
and I am now rolling my own; as long as they don't alter the papers.

How sad this is...not to mention the loss to the nightclub industry from previously passed non-smoking options.

Rise up people...this is severely wrong!

Rebecca Brooks said...

FSC or fire safe cigarette laws were passed state by state using deception and misinformation. FSC cigarettes greatly increase health risks for smokers. Smoking-related fires have actually increased for smokers in New York, the first state to pass the law. For more information, click on this link:

Anonymous said...

Please people don't smoke no more fsc cigarettes they will eventually get you.I am sure if you do smoke you have been getting the same as everyone else(sore throat,headaches,feel real bad,very bad cough,etc...)just roll your own or find an online sorce that sells cigarettes without fsc,I rolled my own untill about a month ago my friends said they was ordering name brands from .It takes a little while for them to ship but let me tell you it is well worth the wait.All my symptoms cleared up,and now it is back to normal,I also noticed when I quit smoking fsc cigarettes that there was a tranformation stage I am assuming it was my body trying to get rid of the poisonous carpet glue that those fsc's has in them.Anyway,please stop smoking those fsc's any way you can,and let the FDA know about what it is doing to people like I did,hopefully they will be looking into this before it kills all smokers that are still smoking cigarettes with fsc paper.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet insurance companies are behind this, the oxycontin heads are nodding out and burning the houses down, or heroin and hud houses, or perhaps it time for the great culling of the middle class to begin? These things are bad bad bad, hurting my bronchial passages I know I should try to quit. As if smoking could be any worse for my health. I can't stand the thought of the government litteraly jamming something else down our throats!

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