Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Petition Letters Sent

Today, we have drafted and mailed a letter and copy of the petition to the following people:

President Barack Obama
Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D. (Commissioner FDA)
Governor Edward G. Rendell, Pennsylvania
Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr., Pennsylvania
Senator Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania
Congressman Jim Gerlach, 6th District, Pennsylvania

As of today over 26,000 people have signed the petition, which equates to about 50 people every single day since the petition was started in November 2008. Thank you very much for your testimonials and signatures. Since the FSC law has passed in every state, the National Government must intervene. We urge that everyone actively contact the President, and the Senators/Congressman from your state. Also please contact the FDA, as they can step in and create a regulation to ban FSC. Your emails, phone calls and letters will make a difference.