Monday, December 29, 2008

Media Coverage - Harrisburg Patriot News

I am happy to report that the Harrisburg Patriot News has published an article by Nancy Eshelman "Some Want fire-safe smokes snuffed" in the Sunday December 7 edition (Page B1). Ms Eshelman contacted and interviewed me and included a balanced position, which is perfectly natural as this was not an editorial. The assertion by the tobacco companies that no added chemicals are in the FSC cigarettes is not true. If indeed there is only added paper, then that paper is increasing the percentage of Carbon Dioxide and other chemicals. Also, the assertion by the Coalition for Fire Safe Cigarettes that the Harvard Report has "no substantial differences in toxicity" has been questioned. Evidently the Coalition does not understand pesticide poison and toxicity ratios. Toxic substances in smaller amounts are not lethal and less dangerous. Increase the toxicity enough, and then you get the health problems we are experiencing. Plus, the FSC cigarette is not fire safe! Increased hot ash, burning clothing, and more frequent use of lighters is not fire safe! So what we have is a more dangerous cigarette in terms of burning and health to smokers. Any intelligent person can clearly see this and we need to reverse this dangerous law!

Here is the online link to the article if you did not have an opportunity to read the print article.

Thank you very much for the coverage Ms. Eshelman!

Governor Rendell's Office Responds

Dear Friends,

I received in the mail today a totally unacceptable response from Governor Rendell's Office. Governor Rendell, please wait, you will be presented a petition from THOUSANDS of citizens that are suffering health related problems that are directly attributable to Fire Safe Cigarettes. In the letter I received, the Governor's Deputy Secretary of Health , Janice P Kopelman appears to believe my health issue is an isolated case. Just take a look at the thousands of testimonials Ms. Kopelman! Furthermore, the Governor's Office unsubstantiated defense of this law is deplorable. Do millions of people need to die before this mistake is corrected? Are politicians so self-centered as to commit murder to save face and never admit to being wrong? We have 700 signatures on the petition and growing. Please everyone, continue to support this cause. We will make them hear us, I can assure you!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PA Senator Folmer Responds

After sending the email to Senator Folmer, his office had this reply:

"Senator Folmer will look into this matter further – after Committee assignments for the 2009 – 2010 Session are made.

In the interim, thank you for your continued advocacy on this important issue."

An encouraging sign, however more urgency is needed as these FSC cigarettes are negatively impacting the health of millions of smokers now.

Monday, November 24, 2008

CAFSC Response to State Legislators

Dear Senator Folmer,

(Note: The same letter sent was also sent to Representative Cox)

Thank you for the response and your concern. Although the Act 42, House Bill 1612 may have been well intended and does have commendable Fire prevention education contained within, the evidence suggests that the Commonwealth government acted on faulty information and based a decision without adequate testing. Through thousands of testimonials across the Internet, it has been established that the "Fire Safe Cigarettes" do not prevent fires, and are not safe. Physically, they burn and create more ash that can start fires and most importantly, cause damage to the health of smokers. We found it interesting that there is no mention of health safety within the bill at all, that only the cigarette companies must adhere to a performance standard to prevent "full burn" of the cigarette. We are not talking about a non-consumable product here, where fire safety is wise. Cigarettes are inhaled into the lungs and enter the bloodstream, so there must be utmost concern and regulation from government agencies to protect the health of the populous.

It is in the best interest of Pennsylvania's residents that the law be repealed. It should not be altered, or wait for additional tests as the negative and harmful effects have already been demonstrated. Although it is admirable to attempt to save the lives of 700 to 900 lives in the USA from fire deaths, it should not be done at the expense of the health of millions of smokers, many who have developed life-threatening conditions. We understand that you as a lawmaker did not have such evidence before the vote, but now, it is clear that the law must be rescinded.

Our petition cited the “Harvard Study" as a resource that we are sure the NFPA used to justify the FSC law, however contained within the report is serious evidence that demonstrates that FSC cigarettes are a danger. I call your attention to the following "conclusion" of the report: "No significant differences in levels of toxic compounds were found between the two sets of cigarettes". The issue is with the word "significant". It is clear that the difference is significant enough to create thousands upon thousands of health-related problems with FSC cigarettes. In the petition, we cited two chemicals that we consider to have a "significant" increase: 13.9% more Naphthalene and 11.4% more carbon monoxide.

Speaking to the absence of adequate testing, the "Harvard Report" hits the nail on the head: "More research is needed regarding how smokers smoke commercial RIP brands versus non-RPI brands and what their actual bodily exposure is to the toxins and disease." Obviously, these tests were never done adequately. Couple the increased chemical levels and the need to inhale more frequently to keep a cigarette lit, you have a lethal combination.

As to the physical aspect of preventing fires, the "Harvard Report" continues: "This study does not seek to address the effectiveness of the FSSC on reduction in fire death and damages caused by cigarettes". Again, it obvious that the FSC cigarettes are more prone to starting fires than to prevent them.

We believe it is the duty of every lawmaker to protect the well-being and health of their constituents. Now that the threat is know, we are seeking for the Commonwealth to act NOW. Please check on the status of the petition and the growing number of smoker testimonials contained on the signatures page. The petition has been active for only nine days, and we already have 116 signatures at this writing. At that rate, the petition will have over 4,700 signatures in a year. Considering the many people who are not aware of the petition and those without Internet, the overwhelming consensus of the populous is that the FSC laws are unhealthy, detrimental and lethal and must go. It is not a matter of like vs. dislike, it is a matter of health and public safety.

We would appreciate if you would personally look into this and promote the repeal of this unhealthy law. I am confident that if you would champion this cause in the General Assembly, you would be viewed as a concerned legislator who values the lives of its residents. We would also ask that you assist us in any way you can. Specifically, we seek direction on how to quickly repeal this life-threatening law in the Commonwealth.

David Jaromnak
National Director/PA Leader
Citizens Against Fire Safe Cigarettes

Thursday, November 20, 2008

CAFSC Organization - State Leaders

In order to coordinate our efforts nationally, Citizens Against Fire Safe Cigarettes is seeking volunteers who are motivated and can dedicate the time to lead the CAFSC effort within their state. Primary responsibilities would be to serve as the contact for State Government, Rally state residents and proactively be an activist in their state with one goal in mind: Prevent or Repeal FSC laws. Please send an email to if interested in leading the effort in your state. If multiple people apply, CAFSC will evaluate and make a selection.

CAFSC Organization

The following is a list of contacts for the CAFSC. If you are a resident of a State listed, please contact your state leader first on how to get involved in the cause. He or she will be your primary leader. If your state does not have a leader, please contact the National Director. As more leaders are recruited, they may be asked to serve as leaders in States within their region of the country.

National Director: David Jaromnak

Pennsylvania Leader: David Jaromnak

About CAFSC:

Right now, CAFSC is a grassroots organization, with a possibility for developing into a Non-Profit Organization. If we determine that the grassroots effort is not being effective, we may elect to go non-profit in order to seek monetary donations for business expenses such as literature, media commericals, travel, and administrative costs. If we go down that road, as a non-profit, all donations will be utilized 100% towards the mission statement, to eradicate FSC laws.

State By State FSC Status

We need to attack and pull down these laws, State by State. Here is a breakdown of States and the status of any legislation:


States: North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nevada, New Mexico and Arkansas

Although there is no law requiring FSC cigarettes, residents of these states should not be complacent as the NFPA and the Coalition for Fire Safe Cigarettes have a diabolical goal, 100% FSC compliant nationwide. This means they will be attempting to introduce legislation. Write your state representatives and governor and make them aware of the medical conditions that result from FSC cigarettes.


States: Ohio, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Michigan, and Nebraska.

If you are residents of one of these states, you should immediately call, email or write your state representatives, senators and governor. Let them know that FSC cigarettes are unsafe, show them the petition, this blog and the countless testimonials spread across the Internet. When the bill is put to a vote, the representatives will vote their conscience, they will and must vote no to avoid committing murder to millions of people. Residents here are in Battleground states, where an immediate impact can be felt. Once the laws are defeated, other states that have passed legislation will re-examine there terrible mistake and repeal the FSC laws.


States: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Washington, Hawaii

The FSC law has already passed in these states. Although it will be more difficult to fight, the answer is to have the law repealed. Speak with your congressmen, governor, media (newspapers and TV). Get a referendum placed on the Ballot (although the election of 2008 has ended, place on the 2009 ballot.) If all else fails, bring before the supreme court of your state to have the law overturned. Time is of the essense. Many states do not activate the law until January 1, 2010, but even a year is not much time. Organize and be active now.


States: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachuesetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Kentucky, Illinois, Montana, Utah, California, Oregon, and Alaska.

More difficult to overturn than legislation that is passed, but pending to go into effect as the State is already totally FSC. Your only recourse (for now) is to obtain regular cigarettes from other states that are not a RED state. You may choose to roll your own, however, this is no solution as people seeking to erradicate all liberty will eventually pass a law banning regular smoking supplies. Like states that have passed laws, residents should contact their congressmen, governor, media and show them the evidence as presented in the Petition of the CAFSC, the Testimonials and this blog. Introduce a Referendum on the Voting Ballot next year. If the lawmakers will not listen to reason, bring it before your state supreme court.

The prospects are good to overturn these FSC laws. Right now, they are in effect in only 16 states, which is 32% of the country. But we must act quickly, for as of December 31, 2009, another 21 states will join the FSC bandwagon. This means that 74% of the country will be under the yoke of FSC law. The next year will be critical in the fight against FSC, so please get involved now.

Can anything be done nationally? Citizens should be mindful of any Nationwide law, so please make your US Senator and Congressmen aware. Also write President-elect Obama. Finally, contact Federal Agencies, such as the FDA, and US Enviromental Protection Agency. And don't forget to express your displeasure to the NFPA.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pennsylvania Actions

Status - ACT 42, HB 1612 Passed, Signed into Law July 4, 2008 by Governor Ed Rendell
LAST UPDATE: 11/24/08

Effective - January 1, 2009 (state tax stamp regular cigarettes can be sold until July 2009)

E-mails sent to Governor Rendell (No Reply), Representive Jim Cox (Replied through aide, see below), Senator Mike Folmer (Replied through Aide, see below). Brought the health hazards of FSC cigarettes to their attention and gave a copy of the petition for reference. Requested immediate repeal of HB 1612 in Pennsylvania.

Senator Mike Folmer's Reply:

"Thank you for sharing with Senator Folmer your concerns with House Bill 1612, which was signed into law by the Governor on July 4th.

Senator Folmer shared many of the concerns that you raised. However, as no one contacted him in opposition to the bill when it was considered by the full Senate in June, he joined with his Senate colleagues in passing it.

Senator Folmer will keep your thoughts in mind should this matter be revisited by the General Assembly.

In the interim, thank you for taking the time to contact Senator Folmer on this important issue.

Marie Tribioli
Office of Senator Mike Folmer"

Senator Jim Cox's Reply (quoted from letter):

“I will examine the information which you sent and take into consideration your comments along with the research which was done in order to pass this law which is intended to reduce the number of house fires related to careless smoking.”


If you have a testimonial of a health problem experienced that can be attributed by Fire Safe Cigaretes, please comment on this topic. That way people can read all of the testimonials together in one place.

I will begin. Although I experienced no health problem, it was only because I discovered what Fire Safe Cigarettes were after smoking 2 packs + 3 cigarettes (43 total) over the course of about 1 to 2 weeks. The cigarette had a foul order, tasted like some strange chemical I never tasted before, and made much smoke and seemed to want to always go out. In fact, I had to relight about 75% of the cigarettes at least one time. I noticed tightness in the chest, and my lungs burned two or three times, had headaches and felt nausea. Also in general, I felt like my health was worse. After smoking 6 years, I have never had these problems with this severity in one weeks time. Luckily, I discovered what the "FSC" cigarettes were and will not smoke them again.

The Petition

To view the Petition to repeal Fire Safe Cigarettes, please visit this link.

The petition presents the evidence and requests that all people sign for support.