Thursday, November 20, 2008

CAFSC Organization - State Leaders

In order to coordinate our efforts nationally, Citizens Against Fire Safe Cigarettes is seeking volunteers who are motivated and can dedicate the time to lead the CAFSC effort within their state. Primary responsibilities would be to serve as the contact for State Government, Rally state residents and proactively be an activist in their state with one goal in mind: Prevent or Repeal FSC laws. Please send an email to if interested in leading the effort in your state. If multiple people apply, CAFSC will evaluate and make a selection.

CAFSC Organization

The following is a list of contacts for the CAFSC. If you are a resident of a State listed, please contact your state leader first on how to get involved in the cause. He or she will be your primary leader. If your state does not have a leader, please contact the National Director. As more leaders are recruited, they may be asked to serve as leaders in States within their region of the country.

National Director: David Jaromnak

Pennsylvania Leader: David Jaromnak

About CAFSC:

Right now, CAFSC is a grassroots organization, with a possibility for developing into a Non-Profit Organization. If we determine that the grassroots effort is not being effective, we may elect to go non-profit in order to seek monetary donations for business expenses such as literature, media commericals, travel, and administrative costs. If we go down that road, as a non-profit, all donations will be utilized 100% towards the mission statement, to eradicate FSC laws.


Anonymous said...

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moon said...

Vaping is super dangerous too.

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