Monday, November 24, 2008

CAFSC Response to State Legislators

Dear Senator Folmer,

(Note: The same letter sent was also sent to Representative Cox)

Thank you for the response and your concern. Although the Act 42, House Bill 1612 may have been well intended and does have commendable Fire prevention education contained within, the evidence suggests that the Commonwealth government acted on faulty information and based a decision without adequate testing. Through thousands of testimonials across the Internet, it has been established that the "Fire Safe Cigarettes" do not prevent fires, and are not safe. Physically, they burn and create more ash that can start fires and most importantly, cause damage to the health of smokers. We found it interesting that there is no mention of health safety within the bill at all, that only the cigarette companies must adhere to a performance standard to prevent "full burn" of the cigarette. We are not talking about a non-consumable product here, where fire safety is wise. Cigarettes are inhaled into the lungs and enter the bloodstream, so there must be utmost concern and regulation from government agencies to protect the health of the populous.

It is in the best interest of Pennsylvania's residents that the law be repealed. It should not be altered, or wait for additional tests as the negative and harmful effects have already been demonstrated. Although it is admirable to attempt to save the lives of 700 to 900 lives in the USA from fire deaths, it should not be done at the expense of the health of millions of smokers, many who have developed life-threatening conditions. We understand that you as a lawmaker did not have such evidence before the vote, but now, it is clear that the law must be rescinded.

Our petition cited the “Harvard Study" as a resource that we are sure the NFPA used to justify the FSC law, however contained within the report is serious evidence that demonstrates that FSC cigarettes are a danger. I call your attention to the following "conclusion" of the report: "No significant differences in levels of toxic compounds were found between the two sets of cigarettes". The issue is with the word "significant". It is clear that the difference is significant enough to create thousands upon thousands of health-related problems with FSC cigarettes. In the petition, we cited two chemicals that we consider to have a "significant" increase: 13.9% more Naphthalene and 11.4% more carbon monoxide.

Speaking to the absence of adequate testing, the "Harvard Report" hits the nail on the head: "More research is needed regarding how smokers smoke commercial RIP brands versus non-RPI brands and what their actual bodily exposure is to the toxins and disease." Obviously, these tests were never done adequately. Couple the increased chemical levels and the need to inhale more frequently to keep a cigarette lit, you have a lethal combination.

As to the physical aspect of preventing fires, the "Harvard Report" continues: "This study does not seek to address the effectiveness of the FSSC on reduction in fire death and damages caused by cigarettes". Again, it obvious that the FSC cigarettes are more prone to starting fires than to prevent them.

We believe it is the duty of every lawmaker to protect the well-being and health of their constituents. Now that the threat is know, we are seeking for the Commonwealth to act NOW. Please check on the status of the petition and the growing number of smoker testimonials contained on the signatures page. The petition has been active for only nine days, and we already have 116 signatures at this writing. At that rate, the petition will have over 4,700 signatures in a year. Considering the many people who are not aware of the petition and those without Internet, the overwhelming consensus of the populous is that the FSC laws are unhealthy, detrimental and lethal and must go. It is not a matter of like vs. dislike, it is a matter of health and public safety.

We would appreciate if you would personally look into this and promote the repeal of this unhealthy law. I am confident that if you would champion this cause in the General Assembly, you would be viewed as a concerned legislator who values the lives of its residents. We would also ask that you assist us in any way you can. Specifically, we seek direction on how to quickly repeal this life-threatening law in the Commonwealth.

David Jaromnak
National Director/PA Leader
Citizens Against Fire Safe Cigarettes


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