Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pennsylvania Actions

Status - ACT 42, HB 1612 Passed, Signed into Law July 4, 2008 by Governor Ed Rendell
LAST UPDATE: 11/24/08

Effective - January 1, 2009 (state tax stamp regular cigarettes can be sold until July 2009)

E-mails sent to Governor Rendell (No Reply), Representive Jim Cox (Replied through aide, see below), Senator Mike Folmer (Replied through Aide, see below). Brought the health hazards of FSC cigarettes to their attention and gave a copy of the petition for reference. Requested immediate repeal of HB 1612 in Pennsylvania.

Senator Mike Folmer's Reply:

"Thank you for sharing with Senator Folmer your concerns with House Bill 1612, which was signed into law by the Governor on July 4th.

Senator Folmer shared many of the concerns that you raised. However, as no one contacted him in opposition to the bill when it was considered by the full Senate in June, he joined with his Senate colleagues in passing it.

Senator Folmer will keep your thoughts in mind should this matter be revisited by the General Assembly.

In the interim, thank you for taking the time to contact Senator Folmer on this important issue.

Marie Tribioli
Office of Senator Mike Folmer"

Senator Jim Cox's Reply (quoted from letter):

“I will examine the information which you sent and take into consideration your comments along with the research which was done in order to pass this law which is intended to reduce the number of house fires related to careless smoking.”

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