Friday, June 11, 2010

Get the Word Out on Twitter

Communication is the key to successfully educate our government officials and agencies. In addition to traditional mail and email to your elected officials, please tweet them on twitter. You can send links to this blog and the petition site. Try also to use #cafsc in your posts so others can see your posts. When you tweet, include some of these people in the post so they are informed. You would think that if enough people keep tweeting the government, somebody will take notice. Thank you!

Tweet List

President Barack Obama @BarackObama
Senator John McCain @SenJohnMcCann
Senator Susan Collins* @senatorcollins

* Senator Collins is a member of the Senate Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration and Related Agencies


Anonymous said...

Reasons to end FSC Papers
1. The smoke smells worse than the other paper.
2. The hot dots falls off more now.
3. Nicotine stains on fingers.
4. The added chemical’s, like carpet glue.
5. People coughing more.
6. Weird taste.
7. Makes cancer blood test (CA-19) go up, even more than just a normal smoker which is natural & not dangerous unless it goes too high.
8. Not enough testing or research on this paper!

E. Cigs said...

Electronic cigarettes are not yet medically approved as smoking cessation devices, the potential for using them as such, is obvious.

Rachel V. said...

None of this matters guys... come on. Don't be fools. The people you suggest we contact to resolve this FSC matter are the very people who decided to start poisoning us. They have huge teams of mentally unstable individuals who make sure they know exactly what they are doing when they ram these poison sticks down our throat. The only way we will see this change is if we threaten their security. That is to say VOTE EVERYONE OUT! Democrats... republicans... independents. Don't forget who did this to you come election time. Bush started it and Obama finished it. Then Obama went even a step further signing the PACT Act to prevent us from getting non FSC cigarettes. So now we are forced by him and his administration to smoke these more addictive, dangerous, poisonous cigarettes. Shame on you Mr. President. Shame on you. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Hope, change, and freedom on November 6, 2012

Patty said...

I never burned things like I do now that the head falls off. What safety is that? I do believe they want us baby boomers to die faster. I never coughed so much as when they did this to the cigarettes. Now You Have to light them every time you turn around so actually you smoke more.

Anonymous said...

I put up a petition at

buy cbd e-liquid said...

That is such a great idea!

premium e-liquid said...

I think this is a good idea.

Helen C. Alvarez said...

Certainly, it is a good idea to send to Obama a message but I am not sure he will read it. Do you know that Obama smokes cigarettes? Yeah, he was spotted recently.

elite liquid tobacco said...

Thank you for sharing there Twitter accounts. I am very active on there, and communication is key!