Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Petition Letters Sent

Today, we have drafted and mailed a letter and copy of the petition to the following people:

President Barack Obama
Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D. (Commissioner FDA)
Governor Edward G. Rendell, Pennsylvania
Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr., Pennsylvania
Senator Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania
Congressman Jim Gerlach, 6th District, Pennsylvania

As of today over 26,000 people have signed the petition, which equates to about 50 people every single day since the petition was started in November 2008. Thank you very much for your testimonials and signatures. Since the FSC law has passed in every state, the National Government must intervene. We urge that everyone actively contact the President, and the Senators/Congressman from your state. Also please contact the FDA, as they can step in and create a regulation to ban FSC. Your emails, phone calls and letters will make a difference.


jonas said...

Thank you for taking this step! We need to keep fighting this! I suspect there are many thousands who are suffering from this atrocity that were not able to sign. I will be writing letters. This has to be repealed!

Buy Electronic Cigarettes said...

I can't understand that why this petition has been sent to Mr. President and other honorable members of senate. Even I can't understand the reason for the petition.

helen said...

I just don't understand this at all.
Why is this stuff going on?
Thanks for fighting it.

johnnyriddick said...

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Paul Duke said...

Thank you for all that you have done to combat this. As you know, I wrote a lengthy letter to each of the Kentucky senators, and the governor who voted yes on the ballot to implement the FSC laws. In this letter, I expressed my concerns, let them know that I was not the only smoker with side effects, and directed them the the cafsc petition.
Out of 30 letters, I received only 2 replies from senators thanking me for bringing the matter to their attention, and reassuring me that they would raise these concerns at the next opportunity.
That was over a year ago now. It is blatantly obvious my plea fell on deaf ears to 28 senators and 1 KY governor.
I hope that you have more promising results.

Dawn said...

This has been a long battle that I cant help but feel will be to no avail,I believe its population control and noone will repeal this law....I too became very ill from the side effects from fsc and after several attempts of trying to quit I resolved to rolling my own cigs, lately im having symptoms of the fsc paper again,I believe it was a matter of time before they tapped into the RYO tobacco/tubes and of course without any labeling or informing the public of the change.If by chance anyone eles notice the change in RYO TOBACCO PLEASE POST IT. Our only chance of winning this battle is to quit smoking...after all that was their plan..(YOU KNOW THE BIGGER PICTURE.).regardless thanks for trying...

Dawn said...


Anonymous said...

The course of action is to keep petitioning the FDA. I know that some of you don't have a great opinion of the federal government, but for the moment let us put aside political differences for a greater good. The FDA is currently in the process of reviewing tobacco in preparation for it's assuming the mantle over the industry. Now IS the time to send them your letters. Please be polite (and firm).

I think that the bogus arguments used to foist FSC onto smokers are easily countered, in fact:

Why is it okay to make a bad thing worse?

If carpet glue for cigarettes is okay, why not ipecac for booze and McDonald's?

And finally: punishing an addict is the least effective way to treat addiction.

Rob Young

Anonymous said...

My recommendation is to simply ask the FDA to consider removing additives, including "burners," from cigarette papers. The combination of accelerants and inhibitors seems patently incongruous.

I want to explicitly state that I in fact do not agree with many of the political views on here, in case that should (ever) matter. For me, this is indeed at least partly a moral issue, which can be separate from a more general political identification. I cannot ignore the underlying undertones that smokers are pariahs in the proclaimed justifications for this standard. Every smoker, even the occasional non-addicted ones (e.g., just drunk) knows firsthand that FSC stands for Effing Chitty Cigarette.

Make no mistake: I do not subscribe to the interpretation that some conspiracy is afoot to rob everyone of their Constitutional rights by this standard; rather, I think this specifically is a case of overapplied good intentions by the technically correct adherents to smoking cessation. Firefighters are not out to get you.

This issue isn't fundamentally about fires, though. It's about addiction and a specific mass manufactured delivery device. Perhaps we've forgotten The Insider: cigarette manufacturers used to add coumarin to cigarettes, too.

Obstacles do not deter the addicted. First do no harm. I find all of the toxic, burner, and inhibitor additives to cigarettes abhorrent. Regardless of one's political views, I find it unfortunate for all of us if one actually does have to resort to, "Smokers are people, too," as appears to be the case here. Alas.


Rob Young

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We need to continue to fight this!

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Helen C. Alvarez said...

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